The Contemplates the Possibility That, to the Extent That Our Expectations Are Realiz or Frustrat and Transform Into Experiences, Our Relationship With Time Returns to Its Previous Channel: Our Past Will Be Fill With History, of Achiev or Fail Experiences, and the Horizon of Expectations Will Be Ruc Again. It Will Be the Slow Extinction of the Future. On the Eve of the New Millennium, the Extinction of the Future Began to Be a More Shar Sensation. The Great Projects That Organiz the Expectations of the Th Century Had Been Exhaust, From the Aesthetic Avant-garde to Modern Thought Itself, Including Communism. In Its Place Was the Smooth and Linear Narrative of New Information Technologies, Whose Spe Would.

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Sensitivity About Time and History. Drawing on Koselleck’s Categories, Historian François Hartog Conclud That, Just as Traditional Cultures Are Orient Towards the Past and Modern Cultures Towards the Future, Postmodern USA Mobile Database Cultures Live Only in the Present. “presentism” is Not Just a Regime of Historicity, as Hartog Calls It, but a Type of Society: a Culture of Transience and Immiacy Mark by the Collapse of the Future, a World of Individuals Block and Disorient by the Absence of Temporality. About to Cancel Their Own Alternatives. This Diagnosis Became Common Currency in Cultural Criticism at the Beginning of the St Century.

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Thinkers Like Franco Berardi or

Mark Fisher Put It at the Center of  Titles Such as “After the Future”, “Phenomenology of the End”, “Lost Futures” and, Especially, “Capitalist Realism”: the Total Closure of the Lower Horizon a Capitalism That Already Dispenses With Australia Phone Number Any System of Beliefs and Values. Even Potentially Subversive Cultural Manifestations Such as Hip Hop or Trap Operate From the Cynical and Disenchant Acceptance of Market Rules. The Closure of the Future Seems So Severe Today That Society Instinctively Begins to Look for Its Alternatives in the Past, in Nostalgia for Better Times.

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