The Firstly, the “Against” Triumph With the Vote of Young People Under Years of Age, With Among Women and Among Men. On the Contrary, the “for” Option Was Very Weak Among These Voters and Hit Rock Bottom With . Support Among Young Women. The Hypothesis That Young Women Gave Boric the Victory in the Presidential Election is Reaffirm. But What Draws the Most Attention on This Occasion is the Very High Youth Electoral Participation in General, Which Reach Among Women and Among Men, and Thus Play a Fundamental Role in the Result. As the Majority Tendency for “Against” Was Also Repeat.

Among Older Adults

One of Unholster’s Hypotheses is That There Would Be a Convergence of Opinions Between the Extremes of the Age Spectrum. The Reverse of That Same Interpretation Suggests That the Left Should Be Seriously Concern About the Estonia Mobile Database Segment Between and Years of Age, Which Was the Only Age Range Where the “for” Prevail, and Especially Among Men. Finally, the Last Key to Understanding the Numbers is the Comparison With Previous Presidential Elections.  Votes Went to “Against”, While the Majority of Kast Voters Opt for “for”. But What Explains This Vote More Firmly is That Those Who Did Not Participate or Vot Null/white in the Presidential Election (When the Vote Was Still Optional) Now Lean More Towards “Against.” the Large Segment of Undecid People Forc to Vote, Who.

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Seem to Change Their Inclinations

Easily, Will Be the Key to Winning the Coming Elections. The Programmatic Defeat of the Right to Understand What Was Decisive for Switzerland Phone Number the Electoral Mobilization of the Sectors That Explain the Result, We Must Understand What Was Reject on December . A First Level of Analysis Warns That the Text of the Constitutional Council Correspond to the Conservative Reverse of the One Reject in September , a Maximalist Version of the Right-wing.

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