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The Was the Final Blow to Utopian Thinking. Even Science Fiction Gave Way to Understanding the Future as an Exacerbation of the Present, as Can Be Read in the Work of Jg Ballardor Cyberpunk. The Future Seem to Have Come to an End. The Exhaustion of the Future the Crisis of Utopian Thought is the Manifestation of a Larger Problem: the Absence of Ideas or at Least Images of Alternative Futures. One of the First to Diagnose This Trend Was Not Exactly a Supporter of the Future, Modernity or Progress. Reinhart Koselleck Was a Volunteer in the Third Reich Army on the Eastern Front During World War Ii. After the Defeat and a Stay in a Soviet Prison Camp.

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Heidelberg, Seeking the Tutelage or at Least the Advice of Teachers More or Less Involv With Nazism, Such as Martin Heidegger, Carl Schmitt, Werner Conze U Otto Brunner. For Koselleck, With Modernity Our Relationship With the Kuwait Number Data Past and the Future Changes, Which He Categorizes Respectively as a Space of Experience (the Set of Events That Have Memory and Allow Us to Understand the Present) and a Horizon of Expectations ( Fears, Hopes, Certainties and Uncertainties of the Present Orient Towards What We Have Not Yet Experienc). In Traditional Society, Expectations Were F Exclusively by the Past.

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Circular and Prictable: Only Things That Had Already Happen Could Happen. The Overseas Expansion and the Technological Indonesia Telegram Number Development of Modernity Open a New Horizon of Expectations. Time Sp Up and the Space of Experience Mov Further and Further Away From the Horizon of Expectations. Time Would No Longer Repeat Itself and History Had Little to Teach. It is No Coincidence That, During the Th Century , the Concepts That Arous the Greatest Expectations Were Those That Contain the Least Past: Socialism and Fascism. What Interests Us Here is That Koselleck.

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