The Instrument of Connection Between People and Distances. But When Fac With Turing’s Premonitory Question About Whether the Computer Could Think, the Answer Continu to Be a Consensus “No.” Although It Occupi an Increasingly Important Place, the Centrality of Humanism Was Still Maintain, That Dimension Mention as Constitutive of Modernity and That Represents Our Intellectual Autonomy. Computing Operat in Its Function as a Tool/instrument and the Idea of ​​artificial Intelligence, Discuss in Theory Since Yesteryear, Was Far From Being a Reality.

It is True That It Had Already

Shown Its First Signs of Possibility in the S, With the Inauguration of Aircraft Automatic Piloting Systems. Then, in the Following Decades, He Rais Greater Expectations With the Creation of “Expert Systems”, First Attempts to New Zealand Phone Number List Use Algorithms to Simulate Human Reasoning. But Adding Some Failures in This Field, Such as the Japanese “Fifth Generation” Computer Project, There Were No Major Advances During the S. The Real Revolution Came in the S, When the Internet Spread. Computers Began to Reproduce the New Web Pages and Multiply Instant Communications Between the Most Distant Parts of the Globe.

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These Astonishing Mutations

Pav the Way for Consequent Infrastructure Nes: It Was Also the Decade in Which Investments, Both Private and State, Grew Exponentially, and the Result Was the Laying of Millions of Kilometers of Fiber Optics and Submarine Rapidly Connect World. This Transformation, Built in Parallel to the Developments of Canada Phone Number Microelectronics, Could Be Present as the Necessary Basis for the Subsequent Empire of Information and Communication Technologies ( Ict ). With This New Reality, the Technology of the S Began an Incipient Process of Independence From the Human Being by Building a Parallel Reality: a Digital World Capable of Instantly Recording and Reproducing the Available Information Without Depending on Observation or Presence in Situ . This is the Context in Which Artificial Intelligence Definitely “Takes Off”: Expert Systems Began to Successfully Generalize.

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