The Cheap Oil. As a Result, the Price of Oil Plummet to Historic Lows. In the Short Term, This May Bring Relief to the Industry and Consumers. However, Oil Price Wars, Recession Concerns and Calamities in Financial Markets Are Causing Stock Markets to Decline. Only the Determin Intervention of the Main Central Banks Has So Far Been Able to Prevent a Financial Heart Attack. The Economic Response Some Countries, Especially Germany, Quickly Launch Extensive Packages of Measures to Cushion the Impending Economic Crisis. The Unit States is Also Planning to Temporarily Inject Liquidity Into the Economy.

Emerging Economies Such as Thailand

India and Indonesia Have Already Establish Stimulus Packages. But Even They Are in a Fiscal Position That Enables Them to Install the Kind of Security Umbrellas That Richer Countries Can Afford to Protect Their Small and Saudi Arabia Mobile Database Mium-siz Businesses, the Self-employ and Workers. Whether These and Other Possible Immiate Measures Will Be Enough to Stop the Economic Recession Will Depend on How Deeply the Crisis Affects the System. In Past Epidemics, the Economy Typically Quickly Return to a Growth Path After a Brief, Deep Downturn. Whether This Also Happens in the Coronacrisis Will Also Depend on the Duration of the Pandemic.

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However, the Shock Waves

Now Passing Through Batter Financial Systems and Long-term . Many American Industries and Households Are Over-indebt. In China, the Informal Financial System, Real Estate and State-own Companies and Lebanon Phone Number Provinces Are Accumulating Heavy Debts. European Banks Have Not Yet Recover From the Financial Crisis. The Economic Collapse in Italy Could Fuel the Euro Crisis Again. The Fear of the Collapse of These Card Houses is Evident in the Flight of Investors Towards Safe State Bonds. The Coronacrisis Could Set in Motion a Chain Reaction That Would End in a Global Financial Crisis. However, Unlike the Financial Crisis, Central Banks Are Not Ready This Time to Pull the Chestnuts Out of the Fire.

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