The Memory, Tradition, History, Ghosts) Were Identifi With the Sick and Alienating by the Mainstream of Modern Literary Utopia. Without Going Any Further, Robert Burton Highlight in That the Ideal Republic is “a Country Free of Melancholy”. In the Utopian Paris of the Year (), by Louis-sébastien Mercier, Centuries Ago They Decid to Burn Ancient Books and Prohibit the Teaching of History and Classical Languages. Identical or Similar Measures Appear in Texts as Dissimilar to Each Other as Voyage Through Icaria  by Étienne Cabet, the Humanisphere by Joseph Déjacque, News From Nowhere (), by.

William Morris on the White

Stone (), by Anatole France and Walden Two (), by Bf Skinner. The Underlying Objective in These and Other Titles That Project to Liquidate the Knowlge, Feelings and Tools Link to the Conservation and Transmission of Memory is Australia Number Data None Other Than to Exorcise the Ghosts of the Past Through Deliberate Amnesia; Build, With the Material of Induc Oblivion, a Containment Dam Against Potential Infiltrations or Reappearances of What Has Already Happen. Messianic Ghosts of the Past at the End of ward Bellamy’s Looking Back (), Julian West Returns to . Having Travel to the Future and Contemplat the Unparallel Levels of Prosperity.

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Reap the Sojourn is Over. As He Crosses the Slums of Boston, He Encounters the Misery of the Nineteenth-century Paupers. But His Look Has Chang. What Once Seem Normal to Him Now Seems Frightening. West Faces a “Singular Brazil Whatsapp Number Hallucination”: I Saw Like an Uncertain and Transparent Ghost Superimpos on Each of Those Rude Masks (…). It Was Only When I Saw Those Livid Faces, When I Found Their Gazes Full of Justifi Reproaches, That the Full Horror of the Disaster Was Reveal to Me. I Felt Fill With Remorse and Immeasurable Pain, Because I Was One of Those Who Had Allow Things to Be Like This.

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