Eccentricity Foreign to the Reality

The Political Program, Including a Conservative Vision of the Homeland, the Classic Preponderance of the Market in Social Provision and in Against the Progressivity of the Tax System. The Text Not Only Swept Away the Agreement of the Expert Commission, Elect After the Failure of the First Constitutional Project, to Enable a Social and Democratic State of Law, but It Reflect the Platform of the Extreme Right, Including a Weakening of the System of Checks and Balances. Republicans, a Bet Against State Financing and a Crusade Against the Sexual and.

Reproductive Rights of Women

The Definancing of the State Was a Core Aspect of the Constitutional Proposal, Which Shield the Current Pension Model of Individual Capitalization and the System of Private Administrators of Health Benefits, Which Means Blocking the Possibility of Incorporating Elements of Solidarity in Pensions or Discussing in the Legislative Branch a Health System Netherlands Mobile Database With More Weight Than the Public. The Conservative Bias in Culture Was Also Sensitive. On the One Hand, the Proposal Pav the Way to Repeal the Abortion Law on Three Grounds – Danger to the Mother’s Life, Lethal Fetal Inviability and Pregnancy Due to Rape – Approv in Under the Government of Michelle Bachelet. On the Other Hand, Kast Campaign Defending the Constitutional.

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Recognition of Homeschooling

Giving ucation to Children at Home Instead of in Schools a Complete  of the Population.. If the Programmatic Moderation of the Right Had Already Been Interrupt in , the Constitutional Proposal Consummat the Marriage Between Turkey Phone Number the Extreme Right and the Conventional Right and Thus Call Into Question the Liberal Crentials of the Latter. In Interpretive Terms, We Went From Denying Social Unrest to a Revanchist Interpretation of It. Will the Defeat of the Text Imply the Erosion of Kast’s Leadership Among Right-wing Voters? Although It is Difficult to Know, the Sector’s Cards Already Seem to Be Drawn and a Divorce Between the Two.

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