The Souls of the Right is Unlikely. One of the Most Significant Changes in the Design of the Last Constitutional Process Was That, Before Approving the Proposal, the Members Chosen to Draft It Had at Their Disposal the Preliminary Draft Drawn Up by the Aforemention Expert Commission. Its Members, Who Had Academic Crentials and Experience in the Labor Field, Were Appoint by the National Congress, With the Votes of All Political Sectors, Which Gave Rise to a Sort of Tie Between the Left and the Right.

Unlike the Extensive Level of

Publicity and Stridency in Which the First Constitutional Convention Function, the Expert Commission Carri Out Its Work Silently and in an Atmosphere of Certain Trust Among Its Members, Crucial Aspects for a Negotiation.. The Agreement Sweden Mobile Database Reach, Which Went From Kast’s Republican Party to the Communist Party, Constitutes an Unprecent Event in Chilean Constitutional History. It Had Been Not Only a Good Start. One of the Most Striking Things That a Survey by the Diego Portales University Show is That the Citizen Evaluation of the Expert Commissioners Remain Relatively High Throughout the Process.. It is Surprising Then That the Extreme Right Has Us Its Representation in the Constitutional Council to Attack

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This Agreement in Which

It Itself Had Participat. As Former President Bachelet Point Out, Governing Means Reaching Agreements, and if the Republicans Are Not Capable of Doing So, They Demonstrate That They Are Not Capable of Governing.. After UAE Phone Number the Success of the Extreme Right in theĀ  , It Was Thought That Kast’s Objective Would Be to Organize His Forces to Demonstrate That the Right Could “Unite Chileans” and in This Way Use the Constitutional Debate to Project It to the Presidency. But, on the Contrary, His Bet Consist of Forcing a Confrontation With the Left in the Government. The Desire to Transform the Constitutional Plebiscite Into a Plebiscite on Boric’s Management End Up Generating.

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