Ghosts of the Future and Remembers

The Two Ideals Connect Around Technology: the Ideal of Progress and the Ideal of Dominating Humanity. Nature. Since the Th Century , There Has Been a Speculation That the Greater the Mastery of Nature (Ruc to the Condition of a Servant), the Greater the Progress of Humanity (Understood in Terms of Unlimit Growth and Infinite Abundance). The Satisfaction of These Designs Through Extreme Industrialism, the Commercialization of Ecosystems and the Excessive Extraction of Resources, Plus the Immense Power.

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Technology and the Megalomaniacal Attitude Detach From All of This, Have Inflict Very Serious Wounds, Such as Sometimes Irreparable, to the Natural World. So Much So That Human Survival on Earth is in Danger for the Mexico Number Data First Time. A Drastic Rectification is Urgently Ne. Either We Ourselves Stop the Intensive Growth, Acceleration and Mastery or Nature Will Do It “in a Terribly Harder Way”fifteen. It is Clear That, for Jonas, Modernity Advances Through Arduous Self-contradictions. In the Sphere of Discourse, He Fetishizes the Future and Pays Homage to It. In the Practical Sphere, Despite the Dichotomy, It Establishes, However, a Civilizational Model That Suffocates It, a Modus.

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Vivendi in Which “the Happiness of

Present and Next Generations is [obtain] at the Cost of Unhappiness or Even the Nonexistence of Later Generations.” the Time Has Come to Reverse the Sequence and Assume That “We Cannot Afford to Increase Prosperity in the Philippine Whatsapp Number World”, Accept That the Only Way to Avoid Extinction is Contraction, and That Utopia Will Be an Obstacle, Since It Incites “More” and Ridicules the “Less”. At the Foot of This Approach, Jonas Protects the  the Consideration That We Owe Them, as Well as the Helplessness They Suffer From Not Being Represent by Any Current Authority: «the Non-existent is Not a Lobby and the Unborn Lack Can”. Jonas Postulates an Ethical Imperative With a View to Protecting Them From Helplessness Do.

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