The With an Optional Vote) Said Yes to the Drafting of a New Magna Carta. At the Very Least, It is Forc to Interpret Then That Chileans Have Ratifi the Current Constitution in the Last Two Consultations, and Rather It Seems to Be the Case That a Considerable Part of the Population Remains Dissatisfi With That Text but is Not Willing to Replace It With Any Other. If Perhaps the Double Rejection Has Ratifi Something, It is the Disappointing Continuity of the Chilean Constitutional Problem.

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Pinochet Constitution” Will Continue to Fail to Function as a Founding Pact of the Political Community Nor Does It Allow Differences Thailand Mobile Database Between Citizens to Be Resolv. Today as Yesterday, It is Not Only About the Illegitimate Plebiscite That Originat It; Rather, the Real Problem With the Constitution is That, Despite the Elimination of Its Most Scandalous Aspects in the Successive Reforms Under the Democratic Transition, It Continues to Be the Obstacle That Social Movements Encounter Time and Again When Discussing Socioeconomic Reforms.

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His Replacement Stopp, Neither More Nor Less, the Violence Unleash at the End of . There is, However, a Relevant Difference. Struggle Register Prior to the Plebiscite, the Right and the Center-right Propos Lowering the Quorum to Change the Constitution to /, With the Aim of Making It Lose Meaning by Replacing It With the Text Arabia Whatsapp Number Draft by the Constitutional Convention. Beyond Its Electoral Use, the Approval of Reform Law , Represents the End of One of the Mega-locks Inherit From the Constitution. The Fact That the Chilean Extreme Right Has Embark on Its Own Constitutional Adventure Against What Was the Heart of Its Historical Project – Maintaining the Text – is Not Just a Matter of Electoral Strategy to Measure How Much Its Support Floor Could Rise One of.

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