The I Heard Our Long-time Television Star Mirtha Legrand Say That She Didn’t Go Out of Her Room or Onto Her Balcony (What I Didn’t. Understand is Why); Outside of Cases Like This, of Such Extreme Abstinence, How Long Did the Withdrawal of “Stay at Home”, the Urban Landscape of Desert Streets, Actually Last? How Long Did It Take to Go Out for a Walk Through the Neighborhood, the Consent Stretch of the Take Away , the Option of Tables on the Sidewalk of the Bars, the Variant of the Continuity of the Parks at.

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Air, the Return of Cycling and Jogging? Two Months? Three? How Many Were There Who, Already in the Summer, When They Were Able to Go on. Vacation, Preferr to Give Up Doing So and Remain Cloister in Their Homes? And How Many of Those Who, Unable to Travel, Endur the Summer Season Without Going Netherlands Number Data Out for a Drink, Without Sitting on a Curb or a Threshold, Without Gathering in a Corner? However, It Circulates, and Circulates With the Intention of Establishing Itself, an Extremely Assertive Version About the Entire Year Lock Up . There is Even an Extra Large Version : the One That Alleges That “They Kept.

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Us Lock Up for a Year and a Half

It is Not Advisable to Dismiss Lies, No , and Even Less So in Times Like These, in Which. They Have Gain More Impunity Than Ethiopia Telegram Number Ever. Will Such a False Memory Ever Establish Itself and. Remain? One That Will Make Us. Remember, That With the Certainty of What We Have Experienc We Remember, What We Have Not Truly Experienc: an Entire Year (Just One or a Year and a Half) Stuck in Our Own Homes, Subject to the Crudest Confinement, an Entire Year Without Looking Out and Without Going Out, Confin in Private Space, Without City or.

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