The in French is Call “Service of Order.”. In , a Body of Motoriz Gendarmes Specializ in Maintaining Order Was Creat. On October , , a Decree-law Stipulates: “Courtesies, Marches, Concentrations of People and Any Demonstration on Public Roads Are Subject to the Obligation of a Prior Declaration Before the Prefect of Police.” Conceiv to Better Control the Political Uses of the Street After the Bloody Demonstrations That Took Place Between February and August , It Thus Gives the Demonstration the Status It Lack Until Then; Despite Its Provisional Nature and the Absence of Subsequent.

Legislative Ratification

It Will Remain in Force Until Today. The Complex Relationships Between Demonstration and Electoral Practice Are Different Elsewhere. In Argentina, the Problematic Conditions in Which the Elections Are Held Give Greater Legitimacy to Latvia Phone Number List the Demonstration. In Buenos Aires, Where the Unrestrict Male Right to Vote Has Exist Since , There Are Few Who Exercise It in Practice: Only a Minority of Foreigners Choose to Naturalize and Native Citizens Do Not Show Much Interest in Electoral Activity. Furthermore, the Vote is a Frequent Occasion for Collective and Violent Confrontations Between Party Factions Fram by Leaders.

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The Exercise of the Right to Vote

Was Far From Being Associat With the . It Seem to Give Rise to a Series of Manipulations. The Inhabitants of Buenos Aires Who Are Not Indifferent to Public Life Resort to Various Collective Actions and Develop a True “Culture of Mobilization.” Demonstrations and Rallies in Public Squares Are Consider, Even by Elites, to Be Thailand Phone Number Appropriate Mechanisms of Political Intervention to Influence the Government. This Way of Representing the Collective Interests of the People Seems to Be a Complement or Substitute for Voting, a Beneficial Practice for Democratic Institutions.. This Legitimizing Use of the Demonstration is Probably Also Valid for Other Latin American Countries, Even Up to Very Contemporary Dates. This Has Happen in Venezuela Since the Crisis.

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