One Regime to Another

The National Systems and Transnational Movements Since the Turn of the Century, National Systems With Their Own Rules and Rituals Have Been Establish, Which Have Often Remain Tacit. These Systems Owe Their Specificity to the Law, to the Modalities of Maintaining Order, to the Historical and Cultural Matrices, Different From One State to Another, as Well as to the Relationships That the Dominant Political Culture Maintains in Each of Them With the Church and the Army. They Become a Unifying Framework for All Types of Demonstrations.

Deploy Within the National

Framework, Beyond the Diversity of Their Actors or Their Objectives, Identity or Demands. This “Nationalization” Tends to Become Even More Accentuat After the First World War, When the Political Role of Demonstrations Germany Phone Number List Diversifies Considerably From One State to Another. In the Parliamentary Democracies of Northern and North-western Europe, Demonstrations Are Long-establish as Ritualiz Expressions of Form Groups or as Appendices to Strikes, to the Exclusion of Any Other Function. In Regimes in Crisis, in , , or , the “Street” Can Become One of the Elements at Play and an Instrument of Struggle.

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Inseparable From Revolutionary

Crises, Conceiv as the Means or the Attempt to Turn the Tide. , but It Now Only Occupies a Secondary Place in the Rupture Processes. In a Few Countries, Such as France or Argentina, They Play a Decisive Role in the Management of Switzerland Phone Number Some Major Political Crises, Which Are Resolv Within the Framework of Existing Regimes.. The Demonstration is Impos There as a Means of Regulating Political Crises. It Becomes a Symptom of the Limits to Which Each of the Parties Intends to Adhere and Means That the Game is Play on the Field of Dominance, Not Violence. This Implies That Everyone Adheres for a Long Time to the Constitutive Codes of the Society in Question and, for That Reason, That There is No Open Crisis of the Regime.

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