The at Least One Business Area.obviously, the Phenomenon is Already Consolidat. Hence, From Time to Time We Hear News of “Entrepreneurs” Who Produce an Algorithm for This, an Algorithm for That… The Total Supremacy That the Technological Giants Exercise Today is Moving Hegemonically Downwards, and Today a Small “Successful” Company It is One That Manages to Automate Some of Its Decisional Aspects. This is an Irrepressible Orientation of Central Capitalism. This is What Allows Sadin to Speak of the “Siliconization of the World”, in Ingenious Reference to the Colonization Exercis by the Silicon Valley Paradigm on the Western World.

In This Sense It Also Constitutes a

Mode of Domination Over the Peripheries. The Technological Companies of the Central Countries Reproduce Historical Colonial Practices, Only Protect by New, “Innovative” Arguments. The Intervention Often Happens Indonesia Phone Number List Under the Mantle of “Modernization” and Implies, Strictly Speaking, the Usual Intervention on Public Policies. A Kind of Deepening of the New Public Management Inaugurat by the Anglo-saxon Neoliberalism of the S That, in Its Incessant Attempt to Supplant Politics, Ends Up Co-opting the Different Docile Governments on the Map (Generally Liberal). It Denotes in Its Wake a Growing Dehumanization of Social Relations and, in the Same Act, Subjugates Every Vestige of National Sovereignty.

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In Latin America, for Example

There Are Practically No Policies Regarding Data Protection and the Construction of National – or Regional – Servers, a Matter of Vital Strategic Importance That Could Perhaps Be Address in Another Writing. Final Thoughts With These Changes of the New Century, Not Only a Mutation of Capitalism, Like So Many Others, Should India Phone Number Be Identifi, but the Possibility of a New Era, a New Civilizational Model. A Situation That Daniel Crevier, Already in the Early S, Was Able to See With Astonishing Clarity: What Will Happen to Humans if Artificial Intelligence Researchers Triumph, Forcing Us to Share the World With Entities More Skill Than Ourselves? Will We Have to Wait.

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