The Unless It Was Affirm as a Modality of the Sovereignty Festival; First of All, in the Usa . The Situation is Radically Different in France, Where Universal Male Suffrage, Proclaim in but Soon Curtail Before Being Restor With All Its Prerogatives in , Prates – and by a Long Time – the Emergence of the Demonstration in Its Contemporary Meaning. This Particular Chronology Contributes to Giving the Demonstration an Illegitimacy That Will Continue to Be the Norm for a Long Time. Until , the Uses of Public Space Were Govern by the Legislative Device Establish During the Revolution (Martial Law of October.

Laws of February on the Use of

Public Force and of July , on the Search and the Action of the Public Force). This Device Target Acts of Extreme Gravity and Made Violators Liable to Sanctions Up to Capital Punishment. It Soon Prov Inadequate for the Gatherings Russia Phone Number List That the Authorities Were Confront With, Such as Charivaris (Noisy Demonstrations) or Demonstrations Against Tax Collectors or Bosses. In Practice, This Process Leads to a Legal Vacuum That is Fill by the Law of April , , Intend to Regulate Uprisings Rather Than Demonstrations. According to the.

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Terms of This Law the Most

Peaceful of Meetings Could Be Classifi as a Mobilization, as Soon as a Order Its Dispersion. People Who Prolong It After the Russia Phone Number First Request Could Be Arrest and Taken Before the Courts of Minor Contraventions. However, They Were Only Liable to Light Penalties. The Second Republic Will Modify This Legislation. The Law of June , Makes a Distinction Between Arm Mobilizations, Completely Prohibit, and Unarm Ones, Prohibit in Case They Could “Disturb Public Tranquility.” It Preserves the Principle of Prior Injunction, Aggravates the Penalties Provid for by the Law of and Provides for the Trial of Infractions by Criminal Courts. The Republicans of the S Owe.

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