The Thus, Plato Respond to the Crisis of the Athenian Polis With an Idealization of the Spartan Camp; Thomas More, to the Crisis of Feudalism With an Idealization of Monastic Life. During the Th Century , While Europe Conquer the World and Capital Began to Accumulate, Writers Such as Tommasso Campanella, Johann Valentin Andreas and Francis Bacon Absorb the Scientific Development of the Time to Conceive Progressive and Visionary Societies, Without Giving Up Elements of Alchemy or Theocracy. Following That Impulse, Each Capitalism Demonstrat the Capacity to Imagine Itself Differently. Capitalism ., With Its.

Sorrows and Its Possibilities

Inspir the So-call Utopian Socialists. Henri De Saint-simon, Charles Fourier, Étienne Cabet and Robert Owen Were Men of Action, Politically Involv in Their Projects, Determin to Tame Technological Change With Social Engineering. We Owe Saint-simon the First Technocracy of a Tradition That Continues to This Day: a Minimal Switzerland Number Data Government of Specialists Who Share Progress With Loyal and Satisfi Workers, With No Ideology Other Than Efficiency and Technological Development. The Industrialist Owen Lik to Present Himself as “an Engineer of Physically and Morally Better Men and Women” and Sought to Resign Production, Public Life and ucation in a Rational Way. Fourier Would Take This Principle Further, With Less.

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Emphasis on Economic Rationality and

More on the Channeling of Passions. They All Tri to Prevent Social  Distrust Equality and Democracy. All of Them Were Extremely Influential in Their Time and, Although Their Ideas Were Discard, They Left Their Se in Saint-simonian Italy Telegram Number Officials and Engineers, Owenian Cooperatives and Unions and the Precent of Fourier’s Phalanstery for So Many Private Neighborhoods and New Age Spiritual Communities of the Present. . Capitalism . Took Technocratic Idealism to a Paroxysm. In , ward Bellamy Publish Looking Back , a Novel That Imagines a Mechanical and Anti-individualist St Century , With a Centraliz Production System of State Companies in Which Everyone Participates as Shareholders and.

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