The a Plebiscite on Kast Himself, Which the Extreme Right Finally Lost. Some Have Point Out That, Despite the Defeat, Kast Continues to Gain Votes. If in the Last Presidential Election He Manag to Unseat the Conventional Right in the Second Round, This Time He Would Be the Holder of . of the Votes in Favor of the Constitutional Text. But the Problem for Kast and the Right That Close Ranks With Him is That the Defeat of Ultra-conservative Ideas in a Dichotomous Election, Between Yes and No, Could Not Only Mark the Floor, but Also the Electoral Ceiling of the Candidate, Stagnant Around of Preferences.

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That Obtain the “Yes” to Pinochet’s Continuity in the Plebiscite is Still Notable, if One Considers That the Liberalization of His Value Agenda and the Moderation of His Program in General Was Appropriate for Him. Giving the Right Poland Mobile Database Electoral Fruits Since the Presidential Election. With the Latest Results, the Right Proves to Be in a Bind: No One Can Beat Kast in the First  Rejection of Him Are Consider, He Could Face Serious Difficulties in a Second Round. Hence the Strategic Error in the (Ultra) Right-wing Bet: an Apparently Clear Road Can Motivate Excess Spe, or as the Popular Saying Goes, “Let Them Go for the Wool and Come Out Shorn.

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Humility in the Victory of the Left the

Current Constitution is Ratifi for the Second Time,” Was the First Reaction of the Right During the Night of the Results. Although His Option Australia Whatsapp Number Lost by a Wide Margin, the Strategy Was to Attribute the Defeat to the Left, Since It Was Not They Who Propos Replacing the Political Constitution of in Response to the Social Outbreak of , but Rather the Progressive Fan. But the Reality is That in the Plebiscite, of Chileans at That Time.

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