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The the Coronation of George V, in the Presence of Numerous. International Delegations, Including That of India, Extends to New  or Munich. In the Unit States , It Was Not Until. That Annual Marches in Favor of Suffrage. Were Organiz in New York, Such as the Torchlight March of May in Which Women Demand a New Status. Although These Demonstrations Gradually Spread to Other States, We Only Record One National Demonstration in the Unit States , on March , , on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, Under the Leadership of Alice Paul, Leader of the National Woman Suffrage Association. ( Nawsa , for Its Acronym in English). The March Reproduc the British Model.

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Horseback and Wrapp in a White Cape, Follow by Between , and , Women, With Delegations by States, Men’s Associations and Groups of Musicians. According to Birgitta Bader Zaar, the Cars Were Decorat With the Colors of the Israel Phone Number List British Militants – White, Violet and Green – and With the Yellow of the Nawsa , With a Replica of the Philadelphia Liberty Bell and a Representation of the First Convention of the American Suffragettes , Held at Seneca Falls in . the Procession End in a Group of One Hundr White Womenand Children, Locat on the Steps of the Treasury.

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House, and Representing Evocative Allegories of the. Constitutional Virtues: Columbia, Justice, Liberty, Charity, Peace and Hope. The Very Violent Reactions of the Spectators, Which Prevent the Protesters From Moving Through the Qatar Phone Number Urban Space, and the Expectant Attitude of the Law Enforcement Forces Caus a Real Riot and L to the Movement’s Abandonment of the Demonstration Strategy. In the Countries Mention, the Demonstration, Which Was One of the Instruments of Conquest of Universal Suffrage, Does Not Appear in Competition With It. Once (Male) Suffrage Was Obtain, the Demonstration Lost Political Centrality.

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