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The for a New Renaissance or the Appearance of Species. That Will Replace Us? And Should We Rely on Those Creations to Make. Decisions for Us, Not Only Economic or Scientific, but Also Legal, Social or Moral? The Permanent Advance in Artificial Intelligence Technologies Leads in All Its Aspects Towards “Human Substitution.” It is No Longer a Question of Technology Replacing the Workforce in Certain Areas, Nor Even of Its Permanent Assistance in Daily Life. In Its Liberaliz Dynamics, Without Any Regulation, the Process Seems to Tend Towards the Occupation of Our Decision-making Spaces, Towards the.

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Human Condition. In This Sense, Researcher Enzo Girardi States: These Mega-companies Interpret and Execute, in Practice, a Universalizing Technoliberal Ideology That Serves as a Legitimizing Argument. They Postulate the. Techno-scientific Reason That Presents. Technology as the Definitive Tool, the One That Will Solve the Japan Phone Number List Pending Problems of Human Beings. Technolibertarian Ontology Consists of Disqualifying Human Action for the Benefit of a Computational Being, Which is Judg Superior. To Take a Real Dimension of the Situation, It Must Intelligence Has the Capacity for Automatic Learning, the Much-mention Machine Learning.

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Can Automatically Perfect Themselves in the Analysis of Information, Allowing Them to Generate Their Own Patterns of. Knowlge and Sophisticate Them to Inconceivable Levels. And It Must Also Be Consider That the Engine of This Iran Phone Number Maelstrom is Capitalism Bas on the Deregulation of the Internet, Which Advances Not Only in Public Space but, as Has Been Seen, Also in Our Own Existences. In Essence, the Problem is Always the Liberation of the “Living Forces” of Capital, Regardless of Its Mode of Accumulation. But in This Case, It Seems That a Certain Limit is Being Cross, Transversal to the Species and No Longer Only to the Work Sectors. In This Sense, the German Philosopher Markus Gabriel Proposes a Possible Line of Action the.

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