The a Decentraliz Way, Records, Stores and Finally Enables a Cluster of Virtual Transactions. Their Operations, Which Began Housing Works of Art or Elite Tastes, Are Gradually Moving Towards Real Estate, as Well as Illegal Operations. These Aspects Do Not Imply, However, an Independence of Technological Capital From Its Countries of Origin, or at Least Not in a Visibly Prominant Way. On the Contrary, in Many Cases Their Controversies Over Markets or Databases Seem to Guide the Geopolitical Struggle.

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Dispute Between China and the Unit States is Currently Express in the Race for Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, Particularly in What Constitutes Its New Base of Operations: G Technology, a Promising Mobile Broadband Network India Phone Number List Design for Measurement of Intelligent Servers. In This Sense, Donald Trump’s Sanctions on Huawei – Still in Force – Must Be Interpret, as Well as His Threats to the Chinese Apps Tiktok and Wechat. Likewise, the Rapid Rise of the Chinese Giant Alibaba, With Its Recent Landing in European Markets, Poses the First Major Challenge to Amazon, and a Brutal Contest is Emerging in the E-commerce Market. In All Cases It Must Be Consider That in Addition to the Strictly Commercial Dispute, There is a Strategic Factor That Includes the Data of Millions and Millions of People Thus, for One.

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Artificial Intelligence Are Increasing, to the  a Transcendental Link in the Current Format of Capitalist Competition: Google is the Largest Investor in This Area, but Amazon, Salesforce, Facebook and Microsoft Are Also They Hong Kong Phone Number Are Investing a Lot in Ai. This Trend Can Be Extend to Large Companies in General: in Its Traditional Survey of the State of Artificial Intelligence, the American Consulting Firm Mckinsey & Company States That in Its Use Increas Compar to the Previous Year, While in Half of Companies Consult Stat That They Had Incorporat Their Mechanisms in.

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