The and Strong Denigrations. Thus, Condemn and Celebrat, but Never Forgotten, the Notion “Melancholy” Reaches Early Modernity and, Among Other Milestones, Stars in an Unavoidable Book: Anatomy of Melancholy , by Robert Burton ().. In This Argument, It is Diagnostic of Subjectivity and, at the Same Time, Key to a Humanist Critique of Prevailing Religion and Politics. This Double Condition Remains in a Journey That is Impossible to Replace in Its Entirety, but in Which Sigmund Freud’s Famous Essay “Mourning and Melancholy”, Written During the First Decade of the Th Century, Cannot Be Omitt.

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Opposition That Will Give Rise to Countless Reworkings and Whose Traces Reappear in Every Literary, Cinematographic, Musical or Visual Production That Surrounds the Idea of ​​melancholy, With Particular Insistence at the Beginning of the New Millennium. Part of This Resurgence is Record in the Theoretical and Political Reflections Ukraine Mobile Database That Take Up the Concept of “Left Melancholy” Propos by Walter Benjamin in the S. When Reviewing the Work of the Poet Erich Kästner, Benjamin Denounc a Self-absorb and Indolent Political Position, Amateur to the Cult of Old Ideas. Left-wing Intellectuality Will Inspire an Intervention by the American Philosopher and Political Scientist Wendy Brown, Who in an Article Publish at the Close of the.

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Left-wing Melancholy” to Evaluate Certain Aspects of the So-call “Crisis of Marxism.” », Extend After the Implosion of the Soviet Experience and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Without Circumventing the Vocabulary of Passions – Although Cambodia Phone Number Clarifying That the Answer Lay Less in Emotional Therapy Than in Political Action – Brown Did Not Fail to Value the Power of Sadness and the Emotional Chiaroscuro That Benjamin Himself Cultivat. However, He Not How the Loss of Legitimacy of the Marxist Paradigm and the Complete Awareness of Authoritarian Drifts Caus Immobilizing Disappointment, the Difficulty of Proposing Alternative Paths and, Above All, the Reassuring Identification.

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