The Their “Interpretive” Fully Automat Emulation of Cognitive Reasoning. The Emblematic Corollary of This Process Came in , When the Deep Blue Program, Design by Ibm , Won a Chess Game Against Garry Kasparov, the Best Player in the World at the Time. In General, the Core of the Change Was That a Computer Could Not Only Store and Process Information, but Also Duce and Project Scenarios. Something Very Similar to Human “Thinking.” a Transition From the “Processor Computer” to the “Intuitive Computer”, From Incipient Computing to Cybernetics or, in Other Words, From the Digital Revolution to Artificial Intelligence.

It is a Long-standing Phenomenon

With Advances and Setbacks Only Outlin Here, but It is Firmly Establish Towards the End of the Last Century. This Process Result in the Impressive Growth of Technological Companies Bas on Internet Commercialization, a Malaysia Phone Number List Phenomenon That in the Midst of the Empire of Financial Capital Quickly Translat Into a Speculative Boom . The Bubble Finally Burst in , With the Precipitous Fall of the Nasdaq Stock Index , in What Was Also Known as the “Dot-com Crisis.”  Intelligence With the New Century, and With the Infrastructure of a Digitaliz World Now Available, Investment in Artificial Intelligence Mechanisms Deepens and Marks the General Trend in the Technology Sector.

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Behind It Lies a New Business

Model, Which is No Longer Bas on the Commercialization of the Internet, but Rather is Committ to the Universalization of the German Phone Number Internet as a Means of Access to Information for Civil Society. The New Pattern Henceforth Points to the Constant Extraction and Processing of Data (Personal, Business, Institutional). And It is No Longer Bas – or Not Only – on a Desktop Computer, but on a Growing Presence of Technology as a Way to Record as Much Data as Possible. This Phenomenon is Consolidat Towards the Second Decade of.

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