The It to Their Philosophical Individualism to Consider Intermiate Bodies as Forces That Act as a Screen Between the Voting Citizen and the Elect, the Only Legitimate Expression of the Sovereign People. This Distrust of Any Collective Expression of Particular Interests Naturally Extend to the “Street Movements” That, Since , Have Built and Overthrown Regimes. The New Regime Consider Universal Suffrage, Combin With the Democratic Conquests of the S, as the Only Legal Framework That Allow Each Person to Express and, Therefore, Individually “Manifest” – a Notable Difference – Their Thoughts.

Thus It Deni All Legitimacy to

Movements Intend to Make Themselves Heard by Public Powers Through Other Means. Furthermore, It Did Not Include the Demonstration Among the Democratic Freoms That It Guarante at That Time. It Limit the Expression France Phone Number List of the Right to Petition to Parliament and for Everything Else It Adher to the Existing Legal Corpus, Aggravat by the Law of June , , Which Prohibit Holding Meetings on Public Roads. Subsequent Republican Constitutions Will Recognize the Citizen’s Right to “Manifest His Thoughts” Without Formulating the Existence of a Right to Demonstration in Its Contemporary Meaning. Under the Municipal Law of.

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His Eventual Tolerance Was at the

Discretion of the Mayors. In Paris,  Will of the Police Prefecture. These Political Orientations Do Not Mean at All the Absence of Demonstrations. The Crises That Mark the First Decades of the Republic See the “Street Movements” Give Spain Phone Number Way to Demonstrations by the Boulangists and, Later, by the Anti-dreyfusists Who Repeatly Threaten, if Not the Power, at Least Its Symbols, and They Inscribe the Demonstration in the Repertoire of Action of the National Right. This Mode of Expression, to Which Nationalist Students Resort With Special Frequency in Paris, is Affirm With the Emergence of Modern Parties, Once the Dreyfus Case Was Conclud. The Legitimacy That is Then Gradually Recogniz to the Parties and Parliamentary Groups.

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