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The Light on the Geopolitical, Economic, Ideological and Cultural Frailties of Our Time. Does This Crucial Moment Indicate a Change of Era? Is the Era of Rapid Globalization Coming to an End With the Decoupling of the Main Economic Blocs? Are Oil Price Wars Heralding the End of Fossil Fuel-bas Industrial Economies? Is the Global Financial System Turning Towards a New Regime? Is the Unit States Cing Command as Guarantor of the System to China, or Are We Experiencing the Advance of the Multipolar World? The Truth is That the Coronacrisis Could Give Way to a Series of Trends That Have Been Hidden for a Long Time. All These Processes Interact at an Impressive Spe.

Such Complexity Suggests

That This Crisis Will Be Deeper Than the Last Financial Crisis. The Pandemic Could Be the Fuse Lit in the Powder Keg of a Global Systemic Crisis. The Window to the Future is Wide Open the Coronacrisis is a Gigantic Field Test. Millions of Spain Mobile Database People Are Experimenting With New Ways of Organizing Their Daily Lives. Business Travelers Are Leaving Flights Behind and Turning to Video Conferencing. University Professors Offer Webinars. Employees Work From Home. Some Will Return to Their Old Patterns After the Crisis. But Many Now Know, From Personal Experience, That the New  Works, but is Also More Environmentally and Family Friendly.

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This Disruptive Moment, the Slowdown We Are Directly Experiencing, to Generate Long-term Behavioral Changes in the Fight Russia Phone Number Against Climate Change. British Journalist Jeremy Warner Cynically Summarizes the Neoliberal View of the Crisis: « From an Economic Point of View, the Crisis Could Even Be Beneficial in the Long Term Because It More Than Proportionately Sacrifices Older Members of Families [sic!] » . In Stark Contrast to the Non-solidarity Behavior of States, People Experience a Wave of Solidarity in Their Neighborhoods, at Work, and in Circles of Friends. When Was.

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