The Not Know What Memory We Will Have of This Time, What Memory We Will Forge of Everything That Happen. We Can at Most Suppose It, Glimpse It, Imagine It. But That Single Conjecture May Already Provide Us With Some Relief, Because Scrutinizing This Possible Future Memory Shows That This Very Long Present Will Also at Some Point Be a Past, That Although It Stretches Into a Kind of Endless Permanence (as Extreme as That Hygienic Utopia: the of Permanent Hand Washing ), in the Long Run It Will Pass, as Everything Happens, and Will.

Finally Be a Past, as in the

Long Run Everything is. That Memory, by Definition, We Cannot Know Yet. What of Everything Will Ultimately Be Indelible? The Extraordinary, Because Extraordinary? Or What Became Habitual, Because It Became Habitual? It is Thailand Number Data Not Safe Because the Extraordinary, Being Extraordinary, Often Takes on an Almost Unreal Aspect, It Seems to Remain in a “Time Outside of Time” (I Think, for Example, of the Inconceivable Death of Diego Maradona, Which Occurr During the Pandemic); While What is Habitual, Being Habitual, Spills Over Time, Seems to Have Exist Before and May Continue to Exist Afterwards (I Think, for Example, of the Bottles of Alcohol Gel).  in This Time Will.

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Finally Become Memory

Memory Can Be Thought of, Among Many Other Possible Ways, From Its Flaws or Its Holes; but in the Sense in Which Héctor Libertella Said That a Network “is Pure Hole”: Not So Much What It Lacks, but What It is Made of (Perhaps It China Telegram Number Should Be Formulat Like This: It is Made of What It is Missing). I Think, of Course, of Forgetting, Without Which There Would Be No Memory (That Monstrous Retention That Happens to Borges’s Famous Character is Not Exactly a Memory); but Also, and Above All, I Think About False Memories: Fallacious Memory of What Did Not Really Happen and.

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