The Around the Leader. The Coronacrisis May Soften the Charm of the Populists Who Are in Government, but It Works in Favor of Their Spiritual Brothers in the Opposition. In the Eyes of Many Citizens, Democratic Countries Lost Control in the Crises of and . Many Wonder With Concern if Their Countries, Weaken After Decades of Austerity Policies, and in Particular Health Systems Suffocat in Terms of Budget , They Will Be Able to Face Major Crises. In Many Countries, the Social Mood is Turning Against the Free Movement of Money, Goods and People. Many Italians Have Long Fear That They Will Be Among the.

Losers From Globalization

Now the Emergency Measures, the Economic Shock and a New Refugee Crisis Are Add. Not Only the Lombard Matteo Salvini, Right-wing Populist Leader, Knows How to Use the Ingrients ” Open Borders, Dangerous Foreigners, Corrupt Russia Mobile Database Elites and a Defenseless State ” to Prepare a Toxic Concoction. Western Europe’s Liberal Democracies Are Therefore Test. In the Fight Against the Right, Democrats Must Now Demonstrate That They Can Protect the Lives of All Citizens. But to What Extent Can Individual Freoms Be Restrict? How Long Should the State of Emergency Last? Would Western Societies Tolerate Drastic Measures.

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Like Those Taken in China

Should These, as in East Asia, Give Priority to the Social Group Over the Individual? How Can the Rate of Spread of the Pandemic Be Ruc if Citizens Do Not Adhere to the Recommendations on “ Social Distancing ” ? And What Qatar Phone Number Does Solidarity With Others Really Mean  Ourselves? Each Nation on Its Own a Pandemic, Which Does Not Recognize National Borders, Requires a Coordinat Global Response. Until Now, However, the Nations Have Sought Their Own Salvation. Even Within Europe There is a Lack of Solidarity Between Them. Italy Particularly Feels, as Happen in the Euro Crisis and the Refugee Crisis, That.

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