When and How Will the Daily Ritual of

The Bringing It Up. It is Not Known, but It is Assum, That at Some Point We Will Reach What is Call “Herd Immunity.” and Then That New Normal That is Being Talk About Will Finally Be Establish. The Corona Virus Will Still Be There, but Controll; It Will Exist Like the Flu or Pneumonia Exist Today. Some Lives Will Have to Be Claim, Then, as Flu or Pneumonia Do Today; Isolat Deaths, Drip, Without Pandemic or Flood. What Kind of Relationship Will We Establish With These Deaths, Thus Arrang, Thinn Out and Dispers, When.

That State of Things is Finally

Reach Will They Still Move the Funeral Abacus, So Incessant Today? Will They Be Add. One by One, to the Public Census of Deaths? That is, in Other Words, Enumerating Deaths Stop? When Will Counting Stop? Will It Ever Stop. Will Poland Number Data We Manage to Return Death to the Place It Had Before: a Sad and Above All Inexorable Fact That Could Touch Us Closer or Further Away or Directly to Us, but That Was Not a Matter of Daily Calculation, Numerical Matter of News Service Every Morning and Every Afternoon, Grim Routine of Daily Measurement? Social Relations Will Find or Riscover.

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Their Forms at a Greater or Lesser

Distance, More or Less Suspicious, More or Less Glu Together. And Time Will Regain a Stable Graduation: the Past, Not So Far Germany Telegram Number Away; the Present, Not So Expand; and the Future, Depending on What Fits, Shorter or Longer. What May Be More Difficult to Refine and Reconfigure is the Social Place of Death: Its Character, Its Entity, Its Visibility, Its Statistics. If Death is Still There, as Expos as It is Now, It Will Be Difficult to Accommodate Us to Any Kind of Normality, Even if It is New, That Accepts Being Given That Name. Coda: Conjectural Essay on a Future Memory We Do.

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