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The Some of the Key Words of the Pandemic, Which Are Project Towards the “New Normal”. Covid- Puts Us in Front of What Will Last and What Will Be Eras and, Also, in Front of the False Memories of This Exceptional Situation. The Distance, the Future, Death Distance and That’s How We Came to Discover, I Don’t Know if Little by Little, I Don’t Know if Suddenly, How Close We Us to Stand to Each Other, How Close We Spoke to Each Other, How Much We Touch Each Other, the Unwavering Roots of Those Habits.

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That of Getting on Top of Each Other, That of Getting Closer. Because Now We Try to Conjecture That New Normality That Will Come, and We Call It That: Normality , to Appease Anxieties or Anguish and Encourage Us to Assume That Israel Number Data Yes, That Something Will Eventually Stabilize, That It Will Allow Itself to Be Recogniz and Will Manage to Last, That in the Battle Unleash Between the Normal and the Exception, in Which Today the Exception Prevails, Will End Up Imposing Some Form (We Do Not Entirely Know Which One) That We Can Feel as Normal. But Before That, Much Before, Right Now, the Exception, Due to Duration, and Because Being Durative.

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Affect That Other Normality, the One We Had Before: Not the “New Normal”, the One to Come, but the Old Normal, the One in Which Thailand Whatsapp Number We Had Liv Until Now. It Affects Her in This Specific Way: It Makes Her a Little Strange. It Takes It Out of Full Familiarity,  It Commonly Prevails, to Rarefy It to Some Extent. We Evoke Those Ways That Are So Ours, We Even Long for Them, and They Seem Somewhat Foreign to Us. We Notic, From the Lack, What Before, From Habit, Went Unnotic to Us: That When Standing in.

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