Women Can Choose Multiple Lovers

The Set Includes Both Sexes and All Races.. His is an Urgent and. Explosive Prose – “we Have the Barricade and the Utopia, the Sarcasm and the Bomb” – That Defenestrates Civilization Under an Epigraph by Charles Fourier, an Author Who Will Appear in Each of the Cases With His Combin Passions, the “Attractive” Work and the Loving Audacity of Its Phalansteries. Shortly After Crossing a Paradise in Which Nature Coexists With Technologies That Respect Human Nes, a Flying Device Leaves the Protagonist at the Doors of a Phalanstery Where “Work is Free and Love is Free” and Equality Reigns.

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Religious Pacts Are Not Requir, Love is Made When One Pleases, by Attraction and With Whomever One Desires. But There is No Boasting. Furtive Glances Are Exchang in Public, and Then Burn in the Secrecy of the Chambers. Men and Netherlands Phone Number List Because of the Variation of Taste and the Diversity of Temperaments. Again, Fourier, and With an Unusual. Vindication of Instinct, Attend Without Miation Because “Free Love is Like Fire, It Purifies Everything.” After These Very Free Statements, the Narrator. Explains That, However, More Than the Volatility of Relationships, Constant Love Prevails. Couples Are Chosen, Sustain Over Time and Celebrate a True Sexual Evolution. As for Parenting, It Occurs Jointly, as in Many Utopias.

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Family Nucleus. Although There is No Obligation, “No Woman Will Want to Deprive Herself of the Sweet Privileges of Motherhood” and UAE Phone Number in No Way Will She Avoid Breastfeing. Her Being His Wife is Complet With the Role of Her Mother, to Which She Dicates Her Time (Fre From Domestic Tasks Thanks to Technology) With Particular Feminine Emotion. Once the Aberrant Institutions Have Been Annihilat, That is, Marriage and Prostitution, the Sweet and Natural Poetry of Love Emerges in the Humanisphere, Far From “Genital or Cerebral Debauchery.” in This Way, a Hierarchy is Establish.

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