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The Was Not Experienc, and Which When Collective Therefore Assumes a Special Significance. I Collect False Memories From the Argentine Collective Memory. An Example: the Memory of Having Watch the World Cup Matches on Color Televisions. (What Produc That False Memory? Perhaps the Dictatorship’s Advertising Campaign Regarding the Creation of Atc, Which Allow Color Transmission, but for Outdoors). Another Example: the Memory of the Darkening of the City of Buenos Aires to Prevent Possible Air Attacks During the Malvinas War. (What Produc That False Memory? Perhaps Remorse for Having Been So Far.

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That War, Given That the Darkening Actually Occurr Four Years Earlier, in , in the Run-up to a War With Chile That Did Not Come to Fruition. To Take Place). Another Example: the Memory of Having Been Counting Down UAE Number Data Planes at the Same Time, in the Malvinas War, and Goals Scor, in the ‘ World Cup. (What Produc That False Memory? Perhaps the Same Imaginary of National Epic, Which Makes the Football a Continuation of the War by Other Means. Because the Truth is That the Falklands War End on June , , and by Then the Argentine National.

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Game in the World Cup in Spain: They Lost It -, Against Belgium, So There Was No Goal to Shout About). The Materials of Memory India Telegram Number Are Partly the Events Experienc, That is, One’s Own Experiences, and Partly the Narratives That AreĀ  or as One is Living Them. What Will Happen, in This Sense, With the Pandemic, With Everything That Has Happen From March Onwards? Personally, I Will Say That in General I Don’t Know of Too Many People Who Have Been Lock in Their Homes for Months (That is, Between March and March ), Nor That They Have Done So for Months (That is, Between March and September.

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