The Uncertain, With the Foggy. What Kind of Future Will Be Establish in a New Normal? In What Modulation of Time Will We End Up Locating Ourselves? And What Effect Will It Have on Us, at the End of This Long State of Exception That Left the Future, All Futures, in Suspense, the Very Habit of the Future, the Very Meaning of Futurity? Taken to Its Extreme Point, Extreme and Durative, Durative and General, the Strict Provisional Nature of Life Was Reveal as Its Most Authentic Condition.

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Feeling When We Go Back to Planning Trips in Advance, Agreeing to Long-term Jobs, Organizing Parties in Advance; Perhaps We Are Left With the Feeling That, Deep Down, We Are Deceiving Ourselves, Illusion. Death Germany Number Data Each Person Will Know How to Do, Each Day of Their Life, Not to Think About Death: to Forget It, to Omit It, to Constantly Change the Subject, to Leave It Largely Aside. And That Even Reading Heidegger (Reading Being -for-death ) or Reciting the Famous Syllogism (Already in Its Fateful Premise: All Men Are Mortal ), Death as a Concrete Thing Does Not Cross the Mind, Does Not Appear as a Safe Destination; to Name It or Comment on It or Attend the Deaths of Others.

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Sooner or Later Our Lov Ones Will Also Be Affect, Without Assuming That Sooner or Later We Will Be Affect. One of the Most Tiring, or Even Most Overwhelming, Aspects of This Time of Pandemic is the Fact That Death Has Taken the Brazil Telegram Number Form of a Constant Presence. Neither Implicit Nor Suggest, Neither Diffuse Nor Mitigat: Each Day of This Time Death is Count and Said, Death is Count and Announc. The Rest, What is Not Death, Seems to Be There to Avoid It, to Nullify It or Dissuade It, Which, Although in the Negative, Does Not Stop.

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